President letter

Dear members of the EAFE,

I am happy to welcome you to the new and long awaited- version of the association's website. 

As before, this will be a news hub for forensic entomology in Europe and worldwide.  It will be regularly updated with info about our field, such as new publications and books, announcements for meetings and workshops, job proposals, etc

The activities of the EAFE culminates with the annual scientific meetings.  Whilst the next one is in sight, the website contains information from the previous meetings that took place all across Europe over the past 15 years or so. 

The lists of members have been revised and updated, and should be a reliable collaborative tool to bring professionals together and promote cooperation across our discipline.

The member section contains info about sampling, identification of specimens, QA problematics, and from now on will also give access to the results of the annual ring tests. 

Finally, the EAFE board also welcomes any suggestions, ideas and comments that would help this website fit your hopes and needs.




Luc Bourguignon

President of the EAFE

April 2016