EAFE Board


EAFE constitution

The business of EAFE shall be conducted by the following board, which is elected by the regular and student members.
1 President 1(elected by all regular members).
1 Vice president (designated within the board).
1 Secretary (designated within the board).
1 Board member.
1 Student representative (elected by the regular student member.
Associated board members:
  1 representative of the associated members (elected by all associate members)
  1 webmaster (to maintain the website of the EAFE)
The associated members of the board have no voting rights.
Luc BOURGUIGNON President (Brussels, Belgium) (Elected 2013 ; 2016)
Vanin S
Stefano VANIN (Huddersfield, United Kingdom)
(Elected 2018)
Damien CHARABIDZE (Lille, France)
(Elected 2018)
Amoret Whitaker
Cindy Aubernon
Amoret WHITAKER (London, United Kingdom)
(Elected 2016)
Cindy AUBERNON (Lille, France) Student representative
(Elected 2016)



Associate member representative
(Elected 2018)

Thierry PASQUERAULT (Pontoise, France) Webmaster